Rapid Tutorials!

These topics cover the basic functions of Rapid Design: inCAD Components. Need more guidance? Please see FAQs, RD Community, or reach out to RapidDesign@misumiusa.com!

The Basics

Product search, import, modifying, & saving

Specify Alterations

Learn how to include MISUMI's standard alterations to your CAD model.

Converting Features

How to quickly change to a different geometry within the same category. 

Dimensional Errors

What happens when venturing outside of the range.

Read-Only Dim.

Some dimensions may be fixed. Learn how to open this constraint.

Lock CAD Feature

Understand how to restrict changes being made to the CAD model.

Custom Properties

Link custom properties to auto-populate your BOM.

Auto Recognition 

Rapid Design automatically recognizes MISUMI CAD models, learn how and why you'd toggle this function.

Database Check Feature

When a designer configures a product, inCAD Components will query a database and notify the user if this product already exists internally (For example, within a PDM or another library). This will keep users from duplicating processes and CAD files.