JANOME Industrial Equipment

“We love using MISUMI components in our builds because of the wide selection of high-quality parts and ease of customization. However, this flexibility also made creating CAD models difficult because models for new parts would need to be individually downloaded and incorporated if any changes were made. This was a huge time sink that was completely solved by Rapid Design: inCAD Components. Now we can change component specifications on the fly across an entire model without breaking constraints or transferring files. A BOM can be generated which includes the MISUMI components and properties. The MISUMI components can even be priced and added directly to the online cart from inCAD Components once a design is complete. Rapid Design: inCAD Components has really streamlined our CAD process for custom designed systems.”

Adam C. – JANOME Industrial Equipment

About JANOME Industrial Equipment
Building on precision technology cultivated through years of sewing machine development, we are forging ahead in the field of high function industrial equipment. Always on the cutting edge in manufacturing, we are devoted to offering the finest quality every step of the way from product development to after sales service.

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