Jim Ronning asked 5 months ago
We’re currently in between Solidworks SP4 and SP5. After reading in a previous post that Rapid Design would upgrade after SP3, is there any new timeline as to if/ when this might happen? Just got back from the IMTS in Chicago, ready to check this out, only to find out that it won’t work in our current Solidworks version, and that the last update was 10 months ago!
Ryo Takeda replied 5 months ago

Hi Jim,
Thank you for visiting Misumi Booth,
inCAD Components which we announced in IMTS is compatible with SOLIDROWRKS 2018.
Please uninstall previous version and find latest one at top menu “DOWNLOAD RAPID DESIGN” on this page.

Jim Ronning replied 5 months ago

Deleted previous version, and downloaded again. There’s only one file to download, which is listed as 2017. Still does not work for 2018.

Ryo Takeda replied 5 months ago

Hi Jim,
Could you send screen shot to “RapidDesign@misumiusa.com” what kind of error you found so that we can confirm details.

Jim Ronning replied 5 months ago

Sent images of the entire download/ install process last night.

Hopefully I will be able to share my successful resolution soon.

RYO TAKEDA replied 5 months ago

Thanks for the e-mail. Please let us know if you have any questions or troubles.

Jim Ronning replied 4 months ago

Still not working with 2018.
Did notice that the initial screen lists 2015-2018, but when I go to the download screen, it changes back to 2013-2017.
The file downloaded is the same one as three weeks ago, “MisumiRD_SW_setup_dl.exe” dated 8/21/2018

Michael Larmon Staff replied 4 months ago


Apologies, inCAD Components is for Solid Works versions 2015-18. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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