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What are the software requirements?

OS: Windows 7 or 10 (64 Bit)
RAM: 8GB (Recommended)
CAD Platform: SOLIDWORKS 2015 - 2019
Installation: 1.75 GB (15 Minutes)
Internet Connection Necessary

How long does the installation take?

15 Minutes. You may need administrative permissions. Should IT have any questions with the software, please contact RapidDesign@misumiusa.com.

Are all MISUMI components available?

Currently, 99% of MISUMI's Metric Factory Automation product line is available through inCAD Components.

What products are not covered?

Most components comprised of metal or resin plates, conveyors, springs, and many electrical components.

Do you offer international versions?

Yes! English, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are available. If interested, contact RapidDesign@misumiusa.com.

What is my login?

The same as your MISUMIUSA.com login. Click here to create an account.

Is an internet connection required?

Yes, so that the program can reference CAD models, provide pricing and lead times.

Can we save the file under our own name?

Yes! Please save through SOLIDWORKS once you are finished. inCAD will still recognize your part despite not saving through it.

Is there an offline version of inCAD components?

There is currently no plan to provide an American offline version.

Are there only MISUMI brand products on inCAD Components?

Yes, for the timing being it is MISUMI only.

Will this work in a PDM environment?

Yes, this is backed by months of testing with leading PDM/PLM platforms.

Are multiple part components fully constrained?

No, only components like actuators and linear guides are partially constrained.

Are the CAD models native SOLIDWORKS files?


Can I share these files with users who do not have inCAD Components?

Absolutely. The end-user will be able to view and modify these components.

Will inCAD Components work with CAD files previously downloaded from MISUMI's website?

No, but replacing them is quick and easy.

Why are some boxes yellow and some white in the Design Window?

Yellow boxes indicate that the original value has not been changed. If any yellow boxes remain when clicking "Apply to CAD Model", a warning will appear to confirm to proceed with default values.

Do incorrect dimensions physically update?

Yes! But before the model updates, you are warned that the configuration is flawed and that the resulting part is not standard. As a result, a part number will not generate, and you will not be allowed to save through inCAD Components.

Can you order directly from the add-on?

Yes! Please click on the "Price / Delivery" tab within the Design Window.

Why is the file name labeled as 'BaseModel...'?

This is the default name, which only updates when the file is saved through either inCAD or SOLIDWORKS. Clicking "Apply to CAD model" will not update the name.

Is it possible to specify dimensions outside of the given range?

Yes. The program will generate the part, showing a "non-standard" error, but prevent it from being ordered.

Does inCAD Components warn about mated parts in assemblies being updated, where if one component is now a new size, a part connecting to it will show a signal that it needs to be adjusted as well?

No. SOLIDWORKS will show collision error when one part overlaps another.

We use VBA macros in SOLIDWORKS to check BOM's. When saving MISUMI's part, how can this be accessed through the macro?

inCAD Components files are native SOLIDWORKS .prt files and will behave no differently than any other SOLIDWORKS models you use in regards to these macros.

When saving to our PDM vault, how will the latest version of a saved part be accessible by our engineers? Does inCAD Components save and replace the original part or is it revision controlled?

inCAD Components has several options when using the yellow “Save with Part number” button, which can be turned ON or OFF in the settings menu in the portal. The default setting is to save a new file (not replace) every time you "Save with Part Number". You can also select to reduce file size, which removes unused features and breaks the link to inCAD Components, or you can overwrite the existing model.

Release Notes

V2.3 - Update

(Release June 2019)

Compatibility with SOLIDWORKS 2019

Automatic updates run with SOLIDWORKS open and restart upon completion

Bug fixes

V2.2 - Update

(Release March 2019)

      Must specifiy save location folder first

V2.1 - Update

(Released December 2018)

Full assembly design ideas can be imported

Components can be highlighted

Complimentary products are recommended (can be turned off)

V2.0 - Full Release

(Released September 2018)

Save location folder directly in Import Window

Default file name begins with "BaseModel..." from "NewMiSUMiModel..."

"Read-only" dimensions can no longer be edited

NEW "Apply to CAD" and "Save with Part Number" buttons

File saving window: previous folder is remembered

Option: Reduce file size instead of Part Number Lock

"Overwrite the original file" is available, deletes original file for possible design revisions

NEW "Enable to create part file when saving assembly file" allows users to save the part file and assembly file

V1.7.0.1 - Updated translations

(Released November 2017)

V1.7.0 - 

99% product coverage; All other products linked to MISUMI website (Factory Automation Components Only)

Query internal database for previously registered MISUMI components.

Search from specification window

Speed/Performance improvement

Check unit price independent of specification changes

Resizable design window

Removed permanently pinned specification window

Bug fixes

V1.6.3 - Bug fixes

V1.6.2 - Performance improvement

V1.6.1 - Add components to cart

V1.6.0 -

Revamped search function; new products.

V1.5.2 - Speed improvement; bug fixes

V1.5.1 - Translation updates

V1.5.0 - UI improvements