MISUMI USA, Inc. was established as a subsidiary of MISUMI Corp. in 1988. Founded in 1963, MISUMI Corporation has been a powerful behind-the-scenes presence supporting the Factory Automation Machine Industry through its catalog and e-commerce sales in Japan and throughout the world. Our mission is to provide innovative original products that fulfill our customers need for high quality, low prices and short delivery times.

MISUMI Group currently serves over 220,000 customers worldwide by supplying mechanical components for factory automation, press die and plastic mold components, cutting tools and gauges. MISUMI’s products are seen in a diverse range of industries including automotive, appliance, semi-conductor, medical and packaging. All 16,000,000 configurable and standard products have been developed based on customers’ input to solve ever increasing needs for innovative manufacturing solutions. Besides MISUMI’s 24 manufacturing facilities and 61 global sales offices, there are over 400 cooperating manufacturers around the world which have been selected as outstanding suppliers for each product line. Through this customer-oriented approach, MISUMI Group has grown to achieve annual sales of over $2.4 billion.

In order to provide customers in North America with quality services and a short lead time, MISUMI USA, Inc. has established its own distribution centers near Chicago O’Hare airport and Torrance, CA. MISUMI USA, Inc. is committed to the continual evolution of our business model in order to support our customers and industry with convenience, high quality, short delivery time and competitive prices.

Our Goal

Rapid Design: inCAD Components is the beginning of a free suite of engineering design tools to be offered by MISUMI. Recognizing that design is a significant portion of any project, our goal is to reduce time spent constructing CAD assemblies.

Running alongside SolidWorks, inCAD Components allows the user to manipulate MISUMI’s configurable components, research pricing, and access technical information - without going to the website.

To complement MISUMI's quality products, we strive to develop the software tools necessary to simplify your design process.